meet me...

Surrender to my touch...

Hello Suitor,


I’m so glad I’ve piqued your interest and I can’t wait to get better aquatinted.

My name is Blake, and as my namesake would suggest, I bare a resemblance to the Hollywood glamour, Scarlet Johansson.

Presenting myself as immaculately as my images depict is something I not only take pride in but enjoy. I'm a woman who knows how to accentuate her natural beauty from choice of attire to luxury lingerie. - I LOVE to dress up, showcasing my femininity & divine curves with colours that complement my soft, porcelain skin & enchanting green eyes.



The bombshell on your arm...

Expect a softly spoken vision of elegance always smiling, with a cheeky and infectious giggle. I have a warm and inviting personality, I’m very easy to talk to and my easy going, comforting demeanour diminishes all awkward moments.


An ex dancer, suitors can let their minds run wild with fantasies of what I can do with my body.

Passionate, responsive and open minded, I am just what you need to relax, unwind and escape the daily grind. Let me pamper, indulge and tease you... 


When I’m not devouring you behind closed doors I love nothing more than being the blonde bombshell on your arm, let’s wine and dine! 


Surrender to my touch, and savour the moment, until we meet again…


Your best kept secret,

Blake xx

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Intimacy & genuine connection

Highly skilled in the art of massage and Nuru, intimate times with me are a mind body and soul connection. Surrender to my touch & allow me to explore your body, before you explore mine. 


Ready to make magic?